Monday, January 11, 2010

Called to Serve in the Washington Spokane Mission - Spanish Speaking!

Welp after weeks of waiting in anticipation, my mission call finally arrived on Wednesday December 16, 2009 at about 11:30 am. I anxiously awaited to open my call, but knew once I received it in the mail, that I would still have to wait a few more hours to open it. To be honest, I was finally at peace about it though. No more dreams of "where was I going to get my call to?" and guessing games were about to be through. When I first held my call envelope, I had a feeling it was going to be stateside. I knew I would be fine with wherever it was that I was called, but stateside was definitely the vibe I was getting the day my call arrived. It is also important to note that even throughout the waiting process...I had a very distinct feeling that wherever I was called, it was going to be Spanish speaking.

So the next few hours drug along slowly, as I waited for close friends and family to arrive at my house for when I opened my call. It was a grand reunion with many of them, and although some of my close friends couldn't make it...I was happy for the turn out of the amazing people who came. Many of which have played a significant role in helping me prepare for this mission. I was so grateful to have many loved ones surround me in as much anticipation and excitement for me as I had. Feeling of their love and support was one of the most memorable things of this day.

6:45 pm rolls around and almost everyone had arrived...but to calm my nerves my mom requested for me to play the song I wrote on my guitar. Since we were waiting for one other good friend of mine to arrive, I decided to grant her request. The moment I began playing, I could feel the Spirit so strongly enter into our home and into my heart. It was a great start to a wonderfully life changing night~!

Finally, everyone was there...all gathered around me, waiting. It was then that the nerves really hit. We had family and friends on speaker phone and the room was full of an energy beyond what words could ever accurately describe. I tried to pull myself together and began opening my call. Here is the video of when I opened it. Drumroll please......

OOOOHHHHH So exciting!! I have been called to serve in the Washington Spokane Mission - and of course, Spanish speaking! I knew it!! :) Thanks to everyone who has supported me every step of the way! I am so so excited to serve Him! Although I will miss my family and friends every day, I know we will be reunited again and the time will fly by fast! I'm excited to bring Gods children back into His loving embrace!

Special thanks to all my friends who came to support me :) Love you guys!