Sunday, August 8, 2010

Look to the Temple

August 4th 2010

So we left this morning at about 4:45 am to drive 3 hours to Spokane and made it on time for the 830 session. It was amazing! Can I just tell you how much I love going to the temple. Today was my first time going since I was in the MTC. I have really missed it. How blessed we are to have temples so close to us in Utah. I look forward to the days I can go to the temple whenever and however often I want. I'm grateful that we were able to attend the temple today though, and it was worth the sacrafice of giving up pretty much our entire P-day for the trip. An even bigger bonus is Sister Naylor and her comp Sis. Olsen showed up at the temple this morning too!! I had no idea they were going today and so it was a super awesome surprise! I've been spoiled being able to see Sis. Naylor 4 different times throughout this transfer. When the 4 of us (me, Sis. Perez, Sis. Naylor, and Sis. Olsen) all get together it is super good times! We all click really well and we're literally one big happy "family". Sis. Naylor is my mom, and therefore Sis. Olsen is my sister...and well Sis. Perez is my child....all in mission we've got one good family pedigree going!

Big news out of the way first, before I run out of time. We have a dinner appointment with a part member family that we had to push back to 6:20...and we're going to be pushing it to make it on time.

So TRANSFER CALLS are this Sunday night! Yes, can you believe it?! It is transfers again already! Both Sis. Perez and I feel like we will be staying, but you never know. There are 3 new Spanish sisters coming in this next transfer. So who knows who will be training?? Honestly, I'm hoping not to train another missionary again so soon...just because it is a HUGE responsibility and stress on me and I'm just now getting used to things with Sister Perez. But I also know that part of the reason the Lord called me to train this transfer was to give me an opportunity to grow. Which I ways I'd never imagined. And the common theme in missionary work that I've learned so far is that the moment you start to get comfortable, then the Lord gives you another opportunity to we will see what mountains I have to climb in the coming 13 months. I know that everything happens for a reason and I am just trusting in the Lord that what happens is supposed to happen.

In other news, we met with Neftali yesterday and he wants to move up his baptism date. SO we are having 2 baptisms on August 14! Both Koty and Neftali :) Thank you for keeping them in your prayers and I would ask that you continue to do so.

Another family you may want to pray for as well is the Mendosa family. I've mentioned stuff about Alicia in emails and letters, and maybe about her 2 daughters that we are teaching, Jessica and Merissa. Alicia is having some pretty big doubts right now, and she is just afraid. She doesn't want to read from the BOM to find answers, and its just so hard because we can't do it for her. Gosh darn the principle of agency. But her 14 year old daughter, Merissa is doing so well! Her testimony has grown a ton since we started teaching her too and she really wants to know the truth. She has been reading and has been praying too! She said the closing prayer at our lessong 2 days ago. Honestly, I have a very strong feeling that she will get baptized...but, it is mostly about timing at this point. Jessica is pregnant and is due in just a couple weeks. Their father is coming into town (cuz he works in Louisianna most the year) and he is an avid catholic. Doesn't want his fam to be anything but Catholic. THis is part of Alicia's doubts and fears. There are alot more details to the situation, but Sis. Perez and I have truly come to love this family and we really need all the help we can get at this point. It is so hard to teach and love people, and testify so powerfully that the Spirit bears witness through you...and then to see them not want to ACT for themselves. We can't do it for them, and it is hard when they are unwilling to do their part in order to be truly converted unto the Lord. Alicia has a lot of faith, but she also has a lot of fear. How that works?? I'm not so please. Pray. Thank you.

Let's see. Oh and sad story, Ireneo is actually moving to California this week! So just a seed was planted...we are going to try and put him into contact with the missionaries down there.

The ward is doing good and we are working hard. Lately, we have been a little discouraged because most of the investigators we have arent progressing. We have experienced more of the downside of tracting this week as well...we got our first 2 door slams in our faces! I just had to laugh at that. Although we have a decent sized investigator pool, we need more people to teach so we can find the people who are ready to receive and ACCEPT the gospel.

I know that some of you may be going through some trials at this time. I encourage you to please stay strong and remember that it is only after the trial of our faith, that we are blessed. I know these things to be true, because it is what I am going through right now and what I have experienced so much of my mission thus far!

Also, try to go to the temple sometime in the next week. I know the temple is a place that we can receive added strength and power.Hope you have a good rest of the week. Love you!

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