Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sharing Our Testimony Through Music

November 1st 2010

Ok so I am so sad because I have like no time to write, the server was down today for our email to president and I couldn't get on here for a while. Since there were technical difficulties, I now have 20 min to email you guys so I will try to type fast.

First off, Transfers!! Well, guess what?! I will be staying in Wenatchee another 6 weeks!! Yay!! This means I am still in my "baby" area and that I get to spend Thanksgiving with the people I have come to love and care for so very much! This is definitely a blessing, although I almost had myself convinced that I was going to be leaving this time around. So the verdict for my amazing comp Sis. Olsen....well, she is leaving. Sad day, i KNOW. But she will be opening up a new area to sisters in Quincy, WA- which is actually only about 45 min from Wenatchee. She will be serving with a temple square sister who is from Mexico, so her Spanish is gonna kick butt! I'm excited for Sister Olsen because I know she is going to learn and grown a lot from this experience. We have had an AMAZING 6 weeks serving together! I have learned and grown so much from her. She is a fantastic missionary and I know she will see great things as she continues throughout her mission. My new companion is Sister Blain. She has been out now for 3 months. She is from Tennessee and served with Sis. Perez this last transfer in a threesome. I do not know much more about her other than that, so I am excited to get to serve with her. I think for me, it is going to be a growing experience for sure. I will be senior companion once again and I'm looking forward to learning lots from her too. The key to becoming a better missionary is to be humble and to be teachable. I believe in a lot of ways, I will be have to take the lead on this one, especially because I know the area and the people we will be working with. But, with time I hope to be able to learn and grow together in unity with my new compie. It should be some good times! I'm excited! Other transfer news, Sis. Naylor will be training AGAIN! So I have a 4th "sister". Amazing! Sister Naylor definitely has an amazing ability to lead and to love, so it should be no surprise to me that she is training again. 4 missionaries in a row! With the exception of one transfer not training in the mix.

Ok, So in other news! Rick is amazing! He is doing so well with his reading and his testimony. We can feel that baptism for him is definitely around the corner. Hopefully this transfer. We feel so incredibly close to the Klinge's and always without fail the spirit is so strong in their lessons. Oh I can't wait until you get to meet all the amazing people out here in Wenatchee! I just love it here! Last night, we made a surprise visit to the Klinge's home and sang hymns to them. Rick really loves the song " I am a child of God", andSis. OLsen and I had sang that song earlier that day as a duet accapella in our combined rs and priesthood meeting, as we launched the ward mission plan to our small but amazing ward! The meeting was amazing! The spirit was so strong, and many people in the room were in tears by the end of the song. I have greatly enjoyed being able to share our talents with others. There is real power through music, and Sister Olsen and I have sang quite a bit in lessons and in meetings, and have seen how music can soften and open up people's hearts.

Fam, you already know, but I truly do love what I am doing right now with all of my heart. I agree with you Pops, I am trying to "leave it all out on the floor" as I did when I played ball. This gospel means everything to me. I know that this church is true and that living the principles of the gospel in our daily lives is the only way to true happiness. I love you guys so much! Letters and package coming your way. HUGS

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