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June 7th 2010

Howdy Hey Ya'll!

Yah, I know that isn't Spanish, but I decided to mix it up a bit lol. Can you believe I am now halfway through my first transfer in the mission field?! It's crazy; the days feel like weeks sometimes, but weeks feel like days. Time is really weird on the mission and from what Sister Naylor tells me, you never really adjust to that. It really only gets weirder. The mission life is definitely like nothing I have ever experienced before, in a good way of course. We basically have two types of days: prep day and every other day lol. I made mention to Hermana last night that I kind've miss Sunday's. You know, Sunday-the day of rest. Being able to come home after church and just "veg" as Mom would put it. But, even through the times when my comp and I are both extremely exhausted we seem to push through and we've had some amazing experiences because of it. It is hard work; but I love working hard. We only feel good when we're productive and doing all that we can to bring people unto Christ.

It is amazing to see out of all the people we talk to and teach, only a smaller number are ready to accept and embrace the gospel. As missionaries we are here to find the "elect", as the scriptures say, which means we do alot of finding and teaching until we find those who are ready. Good news is, this is the Lord's work and I know that as we trust in Him and allow Him to direct our paths, He will lead us to those who He has prepared. We have definitely seen that with our 2 investigators who are on date for baptism this week! Jackie's baptism is Thursday and we are so excited for that! She holds such a tender spot in my heart and last night we were talking and she was telling us how over the last 2 years she's met people who influenced her life and helped her to soften her heart. She knows that when she first met the missionaries, that it was in the right time for her. That was nearly 7 months ago. It was when Sister Naylor was in her first transfer with her trainer Sis. Wilson.

Missionaries have weird terms they call their trainers and what not (I'm still learning them and I really dont use them much lol) But since Sis Naylor is my trainer she is my "MOM" and then that would make Sis. Wilson my "Grandma" because she trained Sis. Naylor. Confusing much? Well, no worries...moving on lol.Let's see. Oh yah, then the other baptism we have is Andres who is set on date for Saturday. Jackie is English speaking, and Andres is Spanish. We are excited for them both! PLEASE keep them in your prayers throughout this week. I know that there can be divine strength that comes from missionaries' families who pray for their investigators. So please, remember them in your prayers. Thanks.

we had interviews with President a few days ago. They went well. President Palmer is an amazing guy; I can feel my Savior's love through him. In other news, there is a likely chance Hermana Naylor will be transferred after this transfer. Both of us have kinda had that feeling the last few days; and then some of the things made mention of by President in the interviews have led us both to believe that that may be the case. Of course, whatever happens will be what the Lord wants. There is no for sure guarantee, but that is kinda what President is thinking right now. Which means, I more than likely will still be here in Wenatchee (could be here for a big part of my mission) and I will be getting a new trainer for next transfer. Missionaries are trained for 2 transfers. So since the chances of that happening are greater to none, I am trying to learn all that I can from Hermana Naylor. To get more familiar with the area and to build stronger relationships with the people in the branch.

The hardest part is the language barrier. But I am trying to speak more and pray hard every day that the language will come. It has definitely improved, but I know I have a long ways to go. I am learning that it takes patience and faith. I can't expect to be fluent only after a couple weeks or even a couple months. But I do know that the gift of tongues is real, and it is the only reason I am able to learn Spanish at the rate I am learning it. It's amazing to be able to see the Lord's hand in every aspect of this work.

I know that life sometimes isn't easy; it hasn't always been for me. We all face trials and challenges, that although are hard during them, in the end we come out stronger and as better people. If we allow the Savior to mold us into the person He needs us to become; we will witness miracles. Not just miracles with our circumstances or in other people, but miracles in ourselves! The Atonement is real; and although we cannot fully comprehend it, every day I learn to rely more and more upon the merits of Him who is mighty to save. I've learned that through prayer; we can build a personal relationship with our loving Heavenly Father. Prayer is an amazing gift given to us. It is so personal and so profound. I have had many experiences while out here on my mission that have strengthened my testimony of the power of prayer. Times when I asked for something, and immediately it was given; other times when I had to wait for the answer, but eventually it came. This life is such a small moment family. SO often, we as mortals think that we're going to live "forever". In other words, too often we put off things until tomorrow...or until next week. Many times we put off the most important things too. But the thing is none of us have a guarantee for tomorrow. We only have TODAY. This minute, this hour. I am learning to live more fully in the present. One of my weaknesses in life has been always looking to the future, and missing out on today. SO many days have gone by wasted; or where I know I could have done better. But, because of the Atonement, we can change. We can focus are priorites on what matters most TODAY. Like telling those we care about that we love them. Asking for forgiveness when we've hurt someone by unkind words or deeds. Relied on the Atonement for the silly little things we did wrong in the day. Striving to better ourselves. Yearning to grow spiritually and individually. Loving and serving those around us. Standing as a testimony to all those we come into contact with and being an "example of the believers". In so many ways, we all could be better. THis life isnt about perfection though, it is about progression. It is about taking it one day at a time, and doing all that we can do to be better than we were the day before. THis life, this day, is the time for us to prepare for the eternities. What we do tomorrow, does not matter quite as much as what we do today. I know these things to be true. I testify that living the gospel and relying on our Savior is the ONLY way to eternal happiness and the only way to true happiness in our lives here on earth. I have 100% hope and faith in that; and I know that this church is true.With all that said, family remember that I love you. I pray for you and I believe in you. Keep the faith and keep strong. Always remember who you are.

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