Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Lord Calls Us In Our Weakness, But Then Qualifies Us For The Work‏

June 28th 2010

Ok, so I have some pretty big news to share with all of you! Last night we got transfer calls and the verdict was quite surprising to say the very least! For the last couple weeks Sis. Naylor and I have been talking quite a bit about all the possibilities that most likely would happen with transfers this next transfer. We came up with many different ideas, but none even came to close to what I am now being called to do! Here I was, slightly worried and curious as to who was going to be my 2nd trainer if Sis. Naylor was transfered (because remember missionaries are technically trained for 2 transfers) and I was playing all the different possibilies out in my mind. Of course, trusting in the Lord that whatever is supposed to happen will happen. One thing I do know is that President Palmer is inspired and he has a vision for the Spokane Mission. Not to mention that I am serving in the Wenatchee Valley, where two of the 70's came out about 2 months ago and told the new stake presidency that there is enough Spanish people in the valley to have 2 full wards...and our branch has maybe 40 active members. Last week, the Stake presidency told us they want to make the branch into a ward within the next year...meaning there needs to be about 300 active members (more or less). So we can see how the Lord has been preparing the way for His work to go forth in this beautiful Wenatchee Valley. SO what does this entail?? Ok....well, here's the verdict.....I am SWEEP TRAINING!! Which means....I am staying in Wenatchee but will be working in a more consetrated area - in the Mission Ridge ward. I will be working with both English and Spanish and will be training a new missionary! I will be meeting my new companion tmrw morning; she is a native speaker. So that is good in the sense that she can help me with the language. But, this is definitely not what I had in mind as to what was going to happen whatsoever. Oh and they call it sweep training because the elders who were serving in that area are now gone...which means my compainion and I are going to kinda have to start from scratch....working from the investigator pool that the elder's had previously and then doing alot of tracting! Which...I've only done a few times thus far on my mission because we haven't really needed to. Any of my current Spanish investigators that I have now that are in the boundaries, will remain ours. But, the rest go to the 2 sisters coming in to cover the other part of Wenatchee. (Sis. Tardiff who's been out over a year and Sis. Flowers who has been out a few transfers). This includes this family we've been teaching, that we just put on date for baptism a few days ago after only teaching them for a couple wks. So, to say the least....this is a very big change. A very big responsibility that has now been placed on my shoulders. But, I know I am not alone in this. I know that the Lord will help me every step along the way. I am deeply humbled by this opportunity to train and although I feel still a little bit out of my league....I know that it is what is supposed to happen.

After we got transfer calls, and the shock settled in a little, I felt this overwhelming feeling of love and peace in my heart. Although it is an intimidating task that lies ahead for me....I know that this is what the Lord has been preparing me for and what he will continue to prepare me for throughout the next 6 weeks. As Joseph Smith said, "The Lord calls us in our weakness, but then He quealifies us for the work." I know this to be true and I have faith that it will work out and that I will be able to do this. My faith has definitely grown since coming on my mission, and I know that if I continue to be faithful, nothing wavering....the Lord will be able to perform this miracle within me and to continue to pour out His blessing upon the Wenatchee Valley as far as missionary work goes.

Ok...well now that your shock has hopefully set in....the verdict for Sis. Naylor is she is going to be sweep training in Moses Lake-South. They are opening up the area for the first time to Sisters...so she has a pretty big responsibility ahead of her as well. But she is an amazing trainer, an amazing companion, and an amazing friend. We are sad to part ways, but excited for what blessings that lie in store. We have witnessed many miracles together. We have developed a friendship and bond that I believe will last forever, no matter how short our time together was. She is amazing!

Well since that is the biggest news, and that is all my mind can really focus on right now; I guess I'll give you a little more insight as to how all this is going to work. They are sweeping pretty much the entire valley, not one companionship is staying the same except for the zone leaders. Today, Sis. Naylor has been packing all her stuff (she has alot too since she's been living here for the past 7 1/2 months). We have a lot of things we need to do today and alot of people to see and say goodbye too (Sis. Naylor does). Then tomorrow we will be waking up around 4 and leaving around 5 to head to Spokane, which is 3 hours away. From there we will have a training meeting with President, and then meet our new "greenies" or "trainees" and then come on back home. Where I live now, with the Curry's, is now out of my area....so the Stake President will be finding us a new member home to live in. So, my address is subject to change in the near future. But for those who have sent mail to my current address or do this week, I will still be able to get it since I can just drop by the Curry's home at any time. But, as soon as I get my new address I will let you know. If ever in doubt you can send letters and packages to the mission home. Address: 820 S. Pines Rd Ste 101, Spokane Valley, WA 99206.

This is going to definitely be a very interesting week. But I am very very excited!!

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